Music Single The first Calendar Van Gogh

Do you know that colours of a painting can change over time?
This makes me think of the changed, the unchanged,
and I look forward to the future more and more.

I’m scared of standing still
But look into your paintings
Colors tracing colors

Your bedroom was in twilight
But now it looks like day time
Faded colors

Starry starry night
And the sunflowers
And all your self-portraits
Tell me
Changes and changes



*the time I spent with you
*like flowing colours
*like a long dialogue

*i learnt to expect
*our future
*love changes over time
*but it never ends

released March 13, 2024
Producer, Associated Performer: Chris Duke
Producer, Mixer: Tim Bremer
Producer, Vocalist: Temon Whale
Composer, Lyricist: Temon Whale

Special thanks to Angela for inviting me to Amsterdam that time!

In memory of Vincent Van Gogh.

Cover adjusted from:
The Bedroom, 1889. Vincent van Gogh.
The Art Institute of Chicago.

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